Instrumental & Vocal Tuition at school

We offer a flexible approach to delivering instrumental & vocal lessons to schools as follows:

  • Some schools buy in blocks of time and bill parents directly themselves
  • Some schools opt for the Music Service Direct scheme (parent Direct Pay) to the music service.

    You can gain additional UCAS points for entry to higher education

    Music exams taken through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College of Music and Rockschool from grades 6-8 can attract 5-75 UCAS Tariff points. Trinity College London also award 35 UCAS Tariff points for Gold Arts Awards. Many higher education course providers use a UCAS Tariff points total in their entry requirements achieved by converting qualifications such as A levels (and many others) into points to allow them to compare applicants.

    ‘Playing an instrument’ can be used to achieve a Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE)

    Playing an instrument is one of the most popluar activities used by students to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Award. A DofE Award is an excellent way to demonstrate the skills developed through extra-crricular activities, particularly when applying to universities.

 instrumental and vocal lessons in school are cost-effective and a practical way of learning.  We offer a remissions scheme from time-to-time.

Music Service Direct (Parent Direct Pay)

How do I sign up?

You can enquire about the lesson availability by completed the online application form.  One of our staff will then contact you to take you through he process of getting you started.  Click the button to complete the application form e-Appli cation Form

How do I pay?

Swindon Music Service offers the following methods of payment:

  1. Bank Transfer option
  2. Pay online through Parent Mail
  3. Pay over the phone through iZettle

If you need to hire a musical instrument 

To view the Musical Instrument Hire page:

Schools who buy in Blocks of time directly

How do I sign up?

Schools can purchase blocks of time through the annual schools purchasing order form, or on an add-hoc basis on the buy-as-you go scheme. Please talk to the music service if this is your preferred option.

Financial Assistance

Swindon Music Service has a limited budget and operates a remissions scheme from time to time.  For More information, follow the link: Inclusion bursaries