At the Platform

Bronze Member

Early Birds

Silver SYM Member

Recorders (Sat); Beginner Clarinets (Sat); Beginner Strings (Sat); Beginner Strings (Wed); Beginner Brass (Sat); Music Theory (Sat); Beginner Wind Band (Sat); Junior Wind Band (Sat); Intermediate Wind Band (Sat); Senior Wind Band (Wed); Junior Percussion Ensemble (Sat); Senior Percussion Ensemble (Wed); Beginner African Drumming (Sat); Junior African Drumming Group (Sat); Beginner Ukulele Group (Sat);Junior Ukulele Ensemble (Sat); Junior Classical Guitar Group (Sat); Classical Guitar Ensemble (Sat); Beginner Flute Group (Sat); Young Voices Choir (Sat); Youth Choir (Sat); Senior Clarinet Choir (Sat); Mixed Woodwind Group (Sat); Junior String Ensemble (Sat); Cello Group (Sat); Senior Saxophone Quartet (Sat); Jazz Orchestra (Wed)

Silver Rock School Membership

Workshops: Guitar; Keyboard; Drums; Vocal – Rock/Pop bands (Tue)

Silver Plus

All groups and ensembles are available, subject to timetabling in the Silver SYM membership category as well as the Rock School activities (Sat, Tue, Wed)