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Our service offer to Swindon Schools 2022-23 Academic Year!

You can view our latest brochure for schools.Brochure

Whats New for 2022-23?

  • Improved schools hub membership with support from Music Specialist Outreach officers
  • Online resources
  • Annual CPD programme
  • Remissions for instrumental and vocal tuition where families meet the criteria
  • Support services outlined for the National Curriculum and Artsmark

Instrumental & Vocal lessons in schools



You can view the brochure for schools and parents. Click here




There are two options when schools offer tuition in their school:

  1. The school buys in blocks of time (a minimum of 1 hour is required per instrument family).  This option attracts free instrument loan through the school admin process
  2. Parent Direct Pay (PDP). This is where parents pay the fees directly to SMS.  We also offer instrument hire at very competitive rates (below commercial rates). Lessons Fees for Parent Direct Pay. Click here.   PDP also attracts our REMISSION grants for both tution and instrument hire where a family qualifies – See our remissions leaflet Remissions Leaflet

    Useful links below

    • CPD
    • Music Curriculum meeting with one of our schools outreach officers
    • Deep Dive materials