Swindon Schools music hub members

Once you sign up to a membership category, you can access a world of support with regard to music education in your school. click the button to enter the log-in area of you membership: School Membership area

We offer schools a wide range of music programmes which meet the requirements of both Arts Council England and the National Plan for Music Education (DfE 2011).  These include:

  • Whole class ensemble tuition (WCET) – First Access
  • Group and individual instrumental and vocal tuition
  • Leadership of ensembles and choirs
  • Class music curriculum support
  • Advice and support
  • Music learning audit
  • Professional Development
  • Music learning resources – Including Charanga (Free to Infant, Junior & Primary schools through the Hub membership scheme)
  • Music learning resources – Including Focus on Sound (Free to Secondary schools through the Hub membership scheme)
  • An assigned Specialist Music Outreach Officer (form our team)
  • Music Mark membership – Free through the Hub Membership scheme
  • Access to concerts and projects
  • Signposting to projects and events
  • Termly e-newsletter
  • Instrument loan/hire