What’s on offer to schools?

Swindon Schools are music hub partners 

Whats on offer to schools

Hub Membership of Swindon Schools - How does it work for my school?

Show that you share our belief in the importance of music education and sign up as a member in our Hub - it's easy!

  • On-line access to music resources and curriculum templates
  • Free help line from qualified music education specialists
  • Free Charanga annual licence for swindon infant, junior & primary membership schools
  • Membership of Music Mark
  • Access the the large song bank (backing tracks - lyrics and downloads)
  • Access to subsidised prices for whole class, large, small and individual tuition
  • Access to the subsidised additional menu

Infant, Junior, Primary & Special

Bronze membership

gives you the core support package outlined above, including:

  • access to subsidised prices for music provision on a yearly basis
  • access to the buy-as-you-go menu on a yearly basis.
  • WCET Celebration concert.
  • Membership of Music Mark (national organisation)
  • The subsidised offers are:
    • IN2MUSIC at KS1
    • MUSIC4U (WCET)
    • Large/small and individual tuition Buy-as you-go menu

Silver membership

  • as above plus:
  • 1 staff CPD session at your school

Gold membership 

  • as above plus:
  • 2 staff CPD session at your school


Bronze membership

gives you the core support package outlined above, including:

  • access to subsidised prices for music provision on a yearly basis
  • access to the buy-as-you-go menu.
  • Membership of Music Mark (national organisation)
  • The subsidised offers are:
    • MUSIC4U (WCET)
    • Large/small and individual tuition

Silver membership

  • as above plus:
  • Attendance at our GCSE workshop provided by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
  • Access for your pupils to the SMS secondary schools gala concert

Gold membership (Swindon Schools only)

  • as above plus:
  • 30 weeks x 45 minutes whole class, or large group instrumental tuition

A comprehensive Early Years Music resource

We offer a well-developed, unique music programme for early

years and foundation stage. The three elements to

the programme are:

Sounds Fun:

Each school/setting receives 6 x 30-minute sessions delivered in your school/setting by a music service early years specialist.

First Steps:

This programme assist settings and schools by up- skilling your staff to deliver musical activities through CPD. Your school/setting will be able to access resources through our website to assist you when delivering your sessions. You will also receive free entry into the Make a Noise Festival

What is the Make a Noise Festival?

This is an annual festival that runs over a two-week period.  After your teachers/practitioners have learnt the songs and received a resource pack at the First Steps CPD season, they will coach their children in readiness for them to join together with other schools and settings.

At this festival the young children will experience their first public performance in an informal setting under the direction of the music service early years specialist. Parents and family members will be able to attend and witness their child's very first music performance in public.

Individual Tuition in School

"The instrumental tuition gave pupils a hands on experience of music making that has inspired many to learn an instrument of their own"

Swindon Music Service offers high quality individual tuition in a range of styles and genres.  Standards are outstanding and tuition id delivered by highly skilled, DBS cleared instrumental tutors.

Click link to see more about Online Tuition


Instrumental lessons available:

We offer instrumental & vocal lessons in a flexible way to meet your busy schedules, either at school, at the music centre or at home through online Zoom platform

Download the Instrumental Brochure here



Online Music Tuition

You can gain additional UCAS points for entry to higher education

Music exams taken through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College of Music and Rockschool from grades 6-8 can attract 5-75 UCAS Tariff points. Trinity College London also award 35 UCAS Tariff points for Gold Arts Awards. Many higher education course providers use a UCAS Tariff points total in their entry requirements achieved by converting qualifications such as A levels (and many others) into points to allow them to compare applicants.

'Playing an instrument' can be used to achieve a Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE)

Playing an instrument is one of the most popluar activities used by students to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh Award. A DofE Award is an excellent way to demonstrate the skills developed through extra-crricular activities, particularly when applying to universities.

Online music tuition can be a cost-effective and practical way of reaching young people in schools and at home during this difficult time.  Providing you have broadband, we can offer you instrumental tuition for those children and young people in your own home.

For those children and young people attending school because their parents/carers are considered essential workers, we can offer on-line tuition through your school.


So whether you have to stay at home or you are attending school, the following applies to you.

Parent Guide to online tuition

click the link guidance


Click the  link for prices

Application form

Click theLink  for an e-Application form.  Once we receive your application, we will contact you to arrange lessons.

Click the link to see our Safeguarding support for on-line tuition.  It is important that we all apply good practice in terms of safeguarding when delivering on-line tuition

Click here to view teaching videos (These videos will give you additional learning tips that will be generic for wind instruments).

How do I pay?

Swindon Music Service offers an on-line paying system.  You can sign up to Parent Mail once we send you the link and you will receive electronic invoices and pay on-line.  Additionally, you can pay over the phone through iZettle.

What if I need an instrument?

As long as we can, we will arrange a courier service to deliver the instrument, but there will be an additional cost for this service.  There is a deposit required that is refundable when the instrument is returned.

Click here to download the Instrument Hire Brochure

Parent Guide for Online Tuition

This brochure contains many tips and advice when considering online lessons

Click here to Download the Parent Guide

Swindon Music Service offers live music Roadshows throughout the year to your schools

Term 1 & 2  Rock & Pop

Term 3 & 4 World Music; String

Term 5 & 6 Wind

Once you have ordered your Roadshow, you can book your slot (day and time) by clicking on this link

"The only thing better than singing is more singing” - Ella Fitzgerald

Swindon Music Service

Swindon Music Service (SMS) is committed to giving every child the opportunity to sing.  We believe singing is a healthy activity and enables children and young people to express themselves by accessing making music activities.  Often with little or no musical experience and without prohibitive financial outlay.

Singing can promote team work in a social setting similarly promoting self-confidence and self-esteem.  MMS believes that all children and young people should be able to access high quality opportunities for singing in school and the community as an entitlement.

The Benefits of Singing:

Physical benefits:

Very young people have been shown to increase the amount, quality and understanding of speech development through singing activities such as counting games, nursery rhymes and finger play
Singing increases blood flow and lung capacity
Combined with movement or dance, singing helps combat obesity and increase general physical fitness

Social Benefits:

Singing can lead directly to whole-school improvement, particularly through creating a greater sense of community and increasing social cohesion within the school
Music lessons in school can help foster individuality, improve social skills and help create more positive attitudes in general.  In studies, these effects have been particularly marked in low-ability, disaffected pupils.
Developmental benefits:
Singing can be used to prepare to start or finish routine activities such as setting down to take the register or signifying the end of the school day.  Choose a well known song or create a new song with your whole class
Music can be used to reinforce mathematical development through the use of finger and counting games and exploration of musical; instruments and sound-makers through sequencing and patterning.
Studies have shown that school music lessons can benefit reading and language skills.  Very young children have been shown to increase the amount, quality and understanding of speech developed through singing activities.

“Once schools get the singing habit, in my experience, they never want to let it go” - Howard Goodall

What’s offered to schools:

  • We will make you fully informed about how to sign up to Charanga resources
  • We will show you around the resources available online for your schools through our website
  • We will help teachers to understand and work through setting a singing strategy in your school.
  • We can help you to undertake a singing audit to enable us to help you plan for ‘Singing Schools’ programme in your school.
  • Provide tuition for whole class or whole school singing in your school (At full cost recovery)
  • Invite your school to take part in our annual voice festivals for infant, junior and Christmas concerts
  • Give you details of CPD and resources which are available to you to support singing


To access the Festival resources click here 

To access the Song Bank click here


Out of the Ark Music

Singing Resources

You can purchase singing resources by following the links below:

Cinderella & Rockerfella and Aladdin – these are musicals for ages 7 – 11  http://www.outoftheark.co.uk/products/nativities/pantomimes/

I Love Music and It’s Christmas for you to show.    http://www.outoftheark.co.uk/series/my-world-series/