Get Hiring instruments from Swindon Music Service for Whole Class Ensemble Tuition and Projects


We offer a wide range of instruments to facilitate whole class ensemble tuition and musical projects, covering many different styles of music. All those listed are considered suitable for whole class or smaller group teaching, depending on the teacher’s abilities. We charge a fixed fee of £50 excluding VAT per class set of instruments per term, regardless of location, instrument type and quantity (up to 35), including a single delivery and collection, servicing, plus a set of reeds, strings etc where appropriate. For the smaller non-orchestral woodwind instruments (ocarina, penny whistle, recorder, fife) we can offer 2 sets for the single £30 charge. For those schools wishing to hire a set of Insruments for a whole academic year, the cost is £123 excluding VAT per class set of instruments.

A “class set” may be up to 35 of a single instrument, or a mix of different instruments, depending on availability. Generally we will deliver within the first 2 weeks of term, and collect the last week of term, in order to maximise your period of usage and allow for any end-of-term concerts – but we do have to stagger collections across a number of days. Therefore in some cases we may ask you to accept an early delivery (for instance last week of term prior to period of hire) or late collection (for instance first week of term following period of hire) and you should check your school has adequate storage space during both term-time and school holidays. Some of our instrument sets are large and bulky and cannot be easily stacked, or have cases which will need to be stored safely while the instruments are in use. If you have questions or concerns about storage and/or delivery & collection dates please discuss at the time of booking.

While we accept a degree of wear and tear through normal use, please note we will charge for excessive damage or instruments/accessories not returned at the end of your session. Your school will be required to sign a form agreeing to our terms before we can release your instruments.

To book a set of instruments, please contact Dougall Prophet on 01793 401751; to make further enquiries about whole class ensemble teaching projects in your school, please contact Paul Rowe 01793 401753