What is Make Music Swindon? 

Make Music Swindon is the name for Swindon Music Education Hub.  It’s the umbrella name that allows a number of partners to come together and work in partnership.


What should a Lead Organisation Do?

Swindon Music Service holds the agreement with the Arts Council England (ACE) for funding to meet a part of the Hub’s work in meeting the National Plan for Music Education.  The Lead Organisation will ensure that the Hub meets the agreement set out in the Arts Council contract for funding

The Hub is led by Swindon Music Service, which is ultimately responsible for the funding received from the Department of Education via the Arts Council England, and the outcomes required.  It works through a small team (that leads the Hub) and in partnership with schools and music education through a board of trustees, and network of partners.  You can see our partners: Our Associate Organisations

Current Lead Organisation Team - Management Team

Peter Clark:

  • Chief Executive Officer of Swindon Music Service
  • Lead of Make Music Swindon Music Hub

Paul Rowe:

  • Operational Delivery Manager (Schools)
  • Teaching & Learning Lead
  • Arranger/Composer Music Festivals

Lynn Hawkins:

  • Operational Delivery Manager (Community)
  • Singing Champion for Make Music Swindon
  • Musical Director Music Festivals

Instrument Repair Technician & H&S Officer

  • Kati Lawrence  (Woodwind)


  • Owen Lee (Finance Officer)
  • Summer Scotford (Business Admin Officer)

Instrmental Tutors

  • 25 music tutors

Get involved

Are you a musical organisation or individual?

-   Want to be part of the Hub?

  • Get access to information, opportunities, networking and training/CPD
  • Promote your activities and opportunities
  • Help the young people you work with find further opportunities in music
  • Work together with musicians and music education organisations, schools and others to advocate for music education
  • Help us all to make the best use of resources and create joined-up opportunities and progression routes for young people in music

Download one of the following document:

Click here to download the hub partnership document

Click here to download the application for to join the hub

Once you become a member, you can apply for a Delivery Partner Development Grant from time to time.

Each Year SMS will identify a pot of funding depending of the ACE grant allocation to allow delivery partners to apply for development grants.  Once the identified annual sum has been allocated, the grant process will close until the next financial year.

Click the button to see the Development Grant Brochure: Development Grants

How we spend our income

on this page, we will outline our income and expenditure


National hub data surveys

If you would like to see how Make Music Swindon is performing against the National Plan for Music Education, and to also benchmark its performance both regionally and nationally, The Arts Council England has now published a set of reports.

Hubs annual data surveys