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SYM Membership


Payment for individual SYM Membership is possible through the following methods:

  • By cheque
  • Credit/debit card either in person or over the phone
  • By Bank Transfer
  • On-line ParentMail

Termination of Membership

Six weeks written notice, to the office, must be given to terminate tuition.  Your six-week’s notice will be triggered on the day we receive the written confermation.  Written confirmation can be either by letter or email.  We will inform you upon receipt of notification.   Tutors are not permitted to receive letters or emails with reference to termination.

It is the responsibility of the student (or parent/carer of the student) to make their presence known at each session they are attending.

Sibling Discount on SYM Membership

A sibling discount is offered to the second and fourth child of the same family who will receive free membership. (Example: a family of 4 children will see membership fees for 2 (child 1 & 3) children under the paid membership category with 2 children (child 2 & 4  receiving free membership).

SYM Silver-Plus Membership

The SYM-Plus membership category entitles each individual member to attend as many of the SYM group / ensemble listed on the application form (under Bronze & Silver membership), as well as the Rock School sessions.

Instrumental Lessons


Payment for Instrumental Lessons is possible through the following methods:

  • By cheque
  • Credit/debit card either in person or over the phone
  • By Bank Transfer
  • On-line ParentMail

Missed Lessons

A minimum of 30 lessons per year are offered across the financial year.

When a tutor misses a lesson, this will be made up, if at all possible as the pupil’s educational progress is our main concern.

  • If a lesson cannot be made up, a refund will be issued at the end of the financial year.
  • If a lesson cannot be made up and the pupil stops learning, a refund will be issued for the lessons missed as soon as possible after the termination of tuition.

Tuition is still available during periods of examination leave. It would be unthinkable for anyone intending to continue to learn a musical instrument to go for a period of up to 4-months (May – August) without tuition.

There is no refund for lessons missed by the pupil as the tutor will still require payment.  In certain circumstances however, a 50% reduction may be offered at the discretion of the Director of Music, in consultation with the senior management for example, if a pupil is unable to attend consecutive lessons through going to hospital for an operation, a 50% reduction may be offered for all lessons missed in order to keep the offer of lessons available. NB this does not apply to examination leave.   Pupils are encouraged to continue to attend tuition if at all possible; even if s/he cannot play her/his instrument. Aspects of general musicianship and aural work can still be very usefully covered in these lessons. Where lessons are in a group, continuing to attend helps the student to ‘catch up’ once s/he is able to return to playing the instrument, as s/he will already ‘know’ what has been covered.

Parents will be given sufficient notice of increases in fees to enable them to give notice by the due date. (for example, due to Borough Council decisions or to changes in lesson length or size of group)

Photography and Social Media

It is usual as a part of our performance activities for still pictures and video footage to be taken of our performers in action. The pictures and video footage are used to provide copies to students and pupils and as part of our publicity and information activities. They are also used on our official Facebook page, Twitter account and on our website. All photographing and videoing falls within LEA guidelines for photographing students.

The participation of students in our activities is on the basis that permission has been granted by students and their parents for still pictures and video footage to be taken.