How your school can order SMS services

There are two ways you can order:

  1. Through the annual booking process, usually sent to you in April of each year for services to start in the following September (start of the new academic year).
  2. Throughout the year on our Buy-As-You-Go form.  This system is designed for you to buy-in various additions and ‘one-off’ services that you may have missed at the annual booking process. Buy-as-you-go

Annual School Booking process:

In April your school will be sent an electronic version of our schools brochure along with an order form that you can complete and send back to us.  It is advised that you send the order form back as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We say this because we assign our workforce to tasks on a first-come-first-served basis.  With this in mind, many school like to keep the same provision (or thereabouts) most years being delivered by the same tutors.

You can also see a copy here. Brochure


Currently, your order form comes to you in the form of an excel spreadsheet.  We will be moving the ordering system onto SpeedAdmin soon.  You can see the benefits of this system by watching the promo video Video

Find out how to order our services. Click here

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