Music Education Recovery Curriculum

Guidance: Music for wellbeing

Swindon Music Service is now  a not-for-profit Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and continues to work with all schools through our support programmes, existing resources, and our strong networks of partners. We stand firmly with all schools and their leaders as they manage a challenging situation brought about by Covid-19.  After spinning out if the local authority in April 2019, Swindon Music Service continues to be a music-specific service focused on high-quality outcomes inclusive of all learners. As such, it recognises the numerous benefits that music can bring to everyone from all backgrounds and in all circumstances.

Now, more so than ever, we believe that all pupils should be actively encouraged to engage in a curriculum offer which is rich in musical, creative and artistic learning, enabling opportunities for students to explore and express their emotions in non-verbal settings. It is this creative engagement which will support pupils when they return to school. We believe inclusive music education helps to build stronger, healthier communities. A balanced curriculum will allow learners of all styles to develop a rounded skill-set including critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving. 

The Tri-borough Music Hub has shared with us a simple framework to help children recover from the consequences of Covid-19 and the emotional impact of societal changes which have occurred over the past few months. We have permission to allow teachers/schools to use this framework to help shape a curriculum that will support pupils re-engage with their learning when face-to-face teaching resumes.
(NB: All music activities should follow Government and PHE Guidance in response to Covid-19 safe practice guidelines).

The document has been heavily informed by Professor Barry and Matthew’s Carpenter’s thinking regarding a ‘recovery curriculum’; and was inspired by and Hounslow Music Service.

With thanks to the Specialist Music Teachers in RBKC, LBHF, WCC across Primary, Secondary and SEND Phases for their support in shaping this document with the Tri-borough Music Hub.

This page contains the document for FREE download to be used by anyone – if it can help support pupils re-engage with learning through music education, then we will be delighted. We will also update this page with links to useful resources that teachers can access.

#Editable Word version can be downloaded HERE

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