Make Music Swindon


What is Make Music Swindon? 

Make Music Swindon is the name for Swindon Music Education Hub.  It’s the umbrella name that allows a number of partners to come together and work in partnership.

What should a Lead Organisation Do?

Swindon Music Service holds the agreement with the Arts Council England (ACE) for funding to meet a part of the Hub’s work in meeting the National Plan for Music Education.  The Lead Organisation will ensure that the Hub meets the agreement set out in the Arts Council contract for funding


If you would like to see how Make Music Swindon is performing against the National Plan for Music Education, and to also benchmark its performance both regionally and nationally, The Arts Council England has now published a set of reports.

Click here to view the reports

Artsmad is a group of Arts organisations in Swindon who meet regularly to explore arts opportunities for children and young people of Swindon.  You can view its work by watching the vidoe link below: