Musical Activities and Resources for Schools and those at Home

Swindon Music Service  will upload resources and activities to engage the children and young people during this difficult time for your school and for those having to stay at home.

The resources will, where possible, be divided into the following categories (click on each below to see what’s on offer):

VE Day Song ‘We’ll Meet Again’

Sing-a-long with Lynn: click to download: We’ll Meet Again

Music for pre-school children can help their transition into primary school

Introducing music to children at an early age can improve their ability to learn and promote sharing, creativity and concentration. These are all invaluable skills when they enter a primary school where they begin to form new friendships and develop social skills.

Click on the Early Years link below to access songs and music materials / activities:

Learning to sing or to play a musical instrument impacts greatly on personal and social development

Learning to sing or to play a musical instrument can be extremely motivating and provides a feeling of accomplishment when goals are achieved. It improves coordination, motor skills and teaches discipline through regular practice. For children who have difficulty communicating verbally, music provides a way for them to express themselves in a non-verbal way.  Music is a medium that is both accessible and inclusive.

Click on the KS1 & 2 links below to access songs and music materials / activities:

It can improve chances of accessing higher education

According to a poll of 63 university admissions teams, about 59% of staff say evidence of extra-curricular activities has become more pivotal in their decisions. (The Times Edcational Spplement Janar 2015)

You can gain additional UCAS points for entry to hire education

Music exams taken through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Trinity College of Music and Rockschool from grades 6-8 can attract 5-75 UCAS Tariff points. Trinity College London also award 35 UCAS Tariff points for Gold Arts Awards. Many higher education course providers use a UCAS Tariff points total in their entry requirements achieved by converting qualifications such as A levels (and many others) into points to allow them to compare applicants.

Click on the KS3 & 4 link below to access songs and music materials / activities:

  • KS 3/4

We will also upload songs and singing activities to assist with their well-being.