Parent Mail

Parent Mail makes life just that bit easier for parents.  With one single account you can receive information, complete forms and make payments. You can access Parent Mail by clicking the link:

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Makes life easy

Parents are busy, there’s always a lot they need to do.  Parent Mail helps them keep on top of these things for their children – and makes it valuable to them.

 What else?

  • Easily pay for items using credit / debit card, Paypal or Paypoint

  • Receive messages from Swindon Music Service

  • View their balance

  • Authorise trips and attendance at concerts

  • Submit survey responses

  • Confirm attendance at events

  • Report absences …and much, much more.Payment and Data SecurityParent Mail provides the software platform that facilitates communications between Swindon Music service and parents.  Parent Mail does not have access to Swindon Music Service data login details or store data on their computers.  Occasionally Parent Mail may need to provide support; in these cases, Swindon Music Service would need to add Parent Mail as a user to our account.  Once Parent Mail has provided the assistance required the account is deleted.Parent Mail acts as the data processor; Swindon Music Service provide, administer and use the data held within the Parent Mail system and therefore Swindon Music Service is responsible for the data contained within the system.

System Hosting

Parent Mail systems are hosted in secure data centres certified to ISO/IEC27001:2005 – the international standard for information security management.  This standard ensures that adequate and proportionate security controls are employed to protect information assets.