Swindon Young Musicians – Saturday Club

Swindon Young Musicians is a subsidiary of Swindon Music Service

Saturday Club

At SYM Saturday club, you will be introduced to a wider range of opportunities with groups and ensembles open to you.  You can attuned as many that interest you as long as the timetable fits your choices. SYM is a subscription based membership.  To see what groups and ensembles are available along with the timetable, click the link:

Platinum membership

As a member of  Swindon Young Musicians you can get further discounts on individual instrumental & vocal tuition both in and out of school if you are being taught by a Swindon Music Service tutor


Lessons in school

20-minute sessions £11.00; 30-minute session £16.50

Lessons at the Music centre  or online

20-minute sessions £10.50; 30-minute session £15.77

Those who have SYM membership

Lessons at school, the music centre or online

20-minute sessions £8.34; 30-minute session £12.50