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Swindon Music Service

At Swindon Music Service, we have provided music tuition in the community through our brand (Swindon Young Musicians) for many years and the staff are experienced practitioners in their field.  Due to COVID-19, we developed an online virtual music world offer.  We have continued to develop this approach to support our groups and ensembles now we are back with face-to-face music making at SYM.  Additionally, we will continue to be guided by DfE and ACE as with our relaunch of our face-to-face services.

We will also be providing further guidance for cleaning and maintaining of instruments and also Risk Assessment for lessons & sessions are provided when parents subscribe to this membership club.

How to access the materials

On this page, you can access services, online videos and resources.  Click on the following links on the left of this page to access the area you are looking for.

If you require a password, please contact lhawkins@smscio.co.uk

For further information about instrumental & vocal lessons on line, click this link.