Swindon Music Service music offers to schools

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You can view Swindon Music Service’s offer to schools for music provision by clicking the link:  Copy of SMS Traded Service order list 2018-19 print version

New for 2017-18!

In addition to the new secondary memberships packages described in the SMS Traded Service list (see link above) we have…

  • Arts Award ‘Discover in a Day’ SMS034 (£250): a one-day certification experience for a class of 30 at The Platform; school provides transport and supervisory staff.

A Quote from the Head teacher from Peatmoor Community Primary School about the new Arts award programme:

“A big thank you for inviting us to pilot the Arts Award Day. The adults were buzzing about it when they got back, let alone the children.  None of the adults who attended the day had been inside The Platform before and were bowled over by what they saw going on.  Even our, “Young Musician”, (student Charley) hadn’t appreciated what goes on.  All of this was an added bonus to what turned out to be a fantastic day of complete immersion in music and art. 

The children have written recounts of the day during their English lesson and I will be sure to copy some for you; what a good example of cross-curricular learning with music! Although I (unfortunately) couldn’t stay, I still know so much about the afternoon from the children.  They have talked a lot about hearing you sing!”

 You can view the Evaluation Report on the pilot ‘Discover in a Day’ –  Arts Award undertaken by the pupils and teachers of Peatmoor Community Primary school here.