The Hub is led by Swindon Music Service, which is ultimately responsible for the funding received from the Department of Education via the Arts Council England, and the outcomes required.  It works through a small team (that leads the Hub) and in partnership with schools and music education through a board of trustees, and network of partners

We hope that everyone in the borough who’s working with children and young people through music will be involved in some way over time. Those who get involved will benefit by reaching more young people, parents/carers, teachers and potential commissioners of services or funders, and being part of a more co-ordinated offer to these customers and beneficiaries.

This doesn’t mean these partners will be funded by the Hub: it isn’t purely a funder, but is a consortium and network of organisations working together towards common goals and to make best use of money and resources.The Hub is helping us all to focus our thinking not on ‘what we deliver’ or ‘what funding can we get?’ but ‘what do children and young people want and need?’, ‘who is missing out?’ and ‘how can we reach them?’.

We are also continuing to explore ways in which music can deliver personal and social outcomes for children and young people, where the ‘market’ lies for our services in this area, and how to source and develop suitable practitioners. All partners will benefit from these new understandings and ways of working. 

Current Lead Organisation Team

Peter Clark, Chief Executive Officer of Swindon Music Service & Head of Make Music Swindon (Hub lead)

Paul Rowe, Operational Delivery Manager, Swindon Music Service (teaching and learning)

Lynn Hawkins, Singing Champion for Make Music Swindon & Strategic Manger Swindon Young Musicians a subsidiary of Swindon Music Service

The Board of Trustees

The board of trustees is made up of representatives from schools,  parents and local stakeholders and business representatives.

Partners and connections

* = those currently receiving funding through the Hub

Within Swindon