Instrument Hire/loan FAQs


We do generally advise that you hire an instrument for no longer than a year.  By this time, your child should want to own their own instrument.  This way, more children will get the opportunity to hire an instrument.  We will, from time-to-time, have second-hand stock available to buy through our charity shop. Instruments for sale

We also offer remissions for instrument hire.

You can request an instrument by completing the Request Form.  We will then get back to you and let you know if we have the instrument you request in stock at that time.  All of our instruments are not new but will be serviced and suitable for beginners.  Click the button for the Request Form Request Form

We do not usually hire instruments out to adults, but we will have second hand instruments for sale from time-to-time.  Click the button to see what's available.

All of our instruments are serviced and repaired by our own instrument repair technicians.  Where we cannot repair the instrument, we send them off to our approved repairers.

You must never attempt to either repair the instrument yourself or take it to an independent repairer without our approval.  This is as per our Terms & Conditions.

We do not hire out electronic instruments.  You will need to approach a music shop for this.

Fees for 2022/23

All of our instruments attach a minimum of one-year hire and the costs are as follows:

All instrument. £60 per year

You will also have to pay a refundable deposit of £50 before the hire starts.  This deposit will be returned to you upon the return of the instrument, provided the instrument is not damaged beyond what we consider as 'fair-wear-and-tear'

If your instrument is no longer required within the year, there is no refund of the £60 or parts thereof.

Your Tutor should be able to advise you when you start your lessons.  We will, over time, provide  further guidance for you,

Yes, as long as you are learning both instruments through Swindon Music Service.