Swindon Music Service

Swindon Music Service (SMS) is an organisation of associated tutors who work with schools delivering the majority of the Core Roles within the National Plan for Music Education and are the major supplier of music education hub when delivering services in Swindon schools.


is the name for our work with schools


Is the name for the music we undertake within the community

 What do we deliver through the National Plan for Music Education?

Core Role One – Whole Class Instrumental Tuition

Core Role Two – Through our Swindon Young Musicians Club, we offer Ensemble, group and orchestra opportunties

Core Role Three –  Continuation of group instrumental lessons in schools

Core Role Four – assisting schools in delivering their singing plan

Extension Role One – Offer continued professional development for school based staff and music tutors

Extension Role Two -An Instrument Loan/hire scheme

Exetnsion Roles Three Quality live music experiences and opportunties for pupils to play with professional musicians on a professional stage