In the sections below, we outline our Terms and Conditions that will apply to you for various services that you buy in to

Swindon Music Service reserves the right to review these terms from time to time, normally at the end of an academic year.  You will have the option to accept the revised terms or withdraw from future services/projects if we change our terms.  if we advise you of any material change to these terms to your detriment without giving sufficient notice to enable you to withdraw from the Agreement by the specified date, you wi not be required to pay a fee in lieu of notice in respect of the following term.


A separate Schools Framework Agreement is sent to schools outlining the terms of the services provided.

A new Schools' Framework Agreement is now available.  This agreement will only need to be signed once and will remain open unless either the school of the music service terminates the agreement. The Agreement will be sent to your school for electronic signature.  Thereafter school will purchase their services on an annual basis in advance, and use a buy-as-you-go process for additional services throughout the year.

Terms and conditions for instrumental/vocal tuition in schools 

By applying for lessons with Swindon Music Service (SMS) you agree to the following terms and conditions as shown below.

For the purpose of this agreement a ‘term’ refers to a three term academic year: autumn, spring and summer.

Instrumental/vocal tuition in schools

  • 30 lessons will be delivered per year
  • Individual lessons are offered for 20 or 30 minutes duration
  • Paired lessons are offered in groups of two students for 30 minutes duration
  • SMS will decide the appropriate grouping of students, depending on the number of students requiring lessons, their standard of playing and compatibility of instrument
  • SMS reserves the right to change teaching personnel, lesson times and groupings where necessary and will notify parents and schools of any changes to those lesson arrangements. We always work closely with the school to agree suitable lesson times
  • Teaching will normally take place during the school day, but some tuition may take place before or after normal school hours, as well as during break and lunch times.

Cost of lessons

  • Charges for lessons are set for the whole academic year.
  • Costs of lessons are reviewed annually.

Missed lessons/refunds

It is the responsibility of the student to arrive on time for lessons. SMS will not refund missed lessons where:

  • The student has failed to arrive for a lesson.
  • The student is not available for any reason e.g. illness, school trip, appointment elsewhere, school closure for bad weather.
  • SMS will make every effort to reschedule lessons where possible, but cannot guarantee to do so.

SMS will refund/re-schedule missed lessons where:

  • The SMS tutor is unavailable.
  • The school has an OFSTED inspection and does not wish teaching to take place.
  • If a student is away from school for more than three consecutive weeks in a term due to a long-term illness, SMS will make every effort to refund up to one term of tuition fees. A doctor’s certificate will need to be supplied.
  • Refunds will only be made at the end of the academic year, once the opportunity has been given to make up for missed lessons by the tutor.


  • Our primary method of communication is by email

Cancellation of tuition

  • We encourage your child to learn a musical instrument for at least a year but, if for any reason you wish to cancel your child’s lessons, notice must be provided direct to SMS via an email. Cancellation notifications should be sent to:
  • We will be unable to accept cancellations via your child’s tutor or school
  • All cancellation requests will be acknowledged within five working dates of receipt.

Payment terms

Fees must be paid termly in advance

Invoices will be issued via email and tuition will not commence until payment has been made.

Additional costs

  • Students will need tutor books for their lessons. Parents/carers are responsible for purchasing books promptly at the request of the tutor. Other costs such as entry for examinations (which are not compulsory), will also be charged to the parent/carer.
  • Instruments
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to provide an instrument for the lesson. Some instruments are available to hire from SMS or from the school

Musical instruments should be insured

  • SMS does not accept liability for damage to an instrument left in a school, or damaged in a lesson.

How to enrol your child for instrumental lessons at school

Register your interest online at or completing the pdf form and sending it to:

Swindon Music Service

Instrumental lessons request

The Platform

Faringdon Road



Or email to:

Pupils will be allocated to a lesson as soon as possible. The availability of a tutor cannot be guaranteed, especially where a tutor is not currently available on the requested instrument at the school. A waiting list will be created and every effort will be made to ensure tuition commences as soon as possible. This will normally be at the beginning of a term. If tuition begins in the middle of a ten week cycle, tuition will be charged pro rata according to the number of lessons remaining in the cycle. The SMS will then contact you to discuss final arrangements and payment

Confirmation of instrumental lessons will be given as soon as SMS has arranged the timetables. A copy will still be sent to you and displayed in the school.

Music Service Direct’ weekly lessons/Platinum Lessons. and Music Centre

  1. Parents/carers and pupils are subject to the terms and conditions as laid down by SMS as detailed below, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
  2. SMS reserves the right to change teaching personnel, lesson times and pupil groupings where necessary and to notify parents of any changes to these lesson arrangements.
  3. Lessons will take place at the music centre at the agreed day and time.
  4. As soon as your registration for lessons has been accepted by us, we will confirm this by email. Once your child’s lesson has been timetabled then you will receive an email to confirm the lesson day and time.
  5. By registering online, you are agreeing to pay in advance of receiving the lessons.
  6. If for any reason you wish to cancel your child’s lessons, notice must be provided direct to Swindon Music Service in writing (post or email) according to the cancellation dates below. We will be unable to accept cancellations via your child’s tutor:

SMS cancellation deadlines:

To stop lessons at the end of the Autumn term, you must give written notice by 20th November.

To stop lessons at the end of the Spring term, you must give written notice by 20th March.

To stop lessons at the end of the Summer term, you must give written notice by 20th July.

7. Tutors will deliver 30 lessons in the academic year. Any lessons

missed by pupils cannot be refunded unless due to illness lasting for two weeks or more and accompanied by a doctor’s note. Lessons not delivered by the tutor will be rearranged as necessary. If the tutor has not been available for 30 lessons during the year, a refund will be given at the end of the academic year for the missing lessons.

8. Pupils are responsible for the safe keeping of their musical

Instrument and Swindon Music Service does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to such instruments.

9. Any complaints should be sent in writing to:

Mr Peter Clark, Chief Executive Officer, Swindon Music Service:

Swindon Young Musicians - provides 30 music centre sessions over the three term academic year. Due to the uneven length of school terms the number of sessions offered in each term may vary.

Membership Subscriptions

  • Membership subscriptions are reviewed annually.
  • Membership subscriptions are payable for a term: autumn, spring and summer. Invoices are sent out during August, December and March and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
  • 60% discount will be made if families are in receipt of income support, free schools meals or maximum tax credit. Evidence of exemption will be required
  • Sibling reductions apply (see website from time-to-time).
  • 100% discount will be made for Children in care (Looked after children) and Children under a Special Guardianship Order may attend free of charge.

Payment terms

  • Membership subscriptions must be paid termly in advance
  • Invoices will be issued via email an membership will not commence until payment has been made
  • Additional charges may be incurred for extra activities throughout the year.
  • To assist with planning, we ask parents to notify us as soon as possible if their child wishes to stop attending groups & ensembles. All notifications must be made via email to
  • There will be no refunds for sessions missed as this is a membership subscription club. Therefore any sessions cancelled due to inclement weather, like snow, or any other unforeseen circumstances does not attract any rebate or credit notes.
  • Positioning of pupils within the ensembles will be at the discretion of the tutor/director and their decisions will be final
  • All SMS ensembles and groups rely on the commitment of all users and staff. There is therefore an expectation to attend all sessions and arrive on time each week.


  • SMS only accepts responsibility for pupils during actual session time. At all other times responsibility for the pupils lies with parents/carers.


  • Parents/carers agree to provide instruments, music and accessories as required.


SMS does not accept liability for loss or damage to pupils’ instruments or personal possessions. Parents/carers should arrange appropriate insurance for these items.


  • Pupils are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner at all times, to attend tuition sessions regularly and to practise between sessions. Please refer to the Safeguarding notice for reference.
  • Disruptive or anti-social behaviour by either the student or by the parent/carer may result in membership of the centre being withdrawn. No credits will be given in such circumstances.

How to enrol your child form membership of Swindon Young Musicians Club

Attendance at SYM ensembles will only be possible after completion of the SMS online enrolment and payment process

Register your interest online at

Changes to terms and conditions

SMS will review these terms and conditions on an annual basis.

Charges will be reviewed on an annual basis by the board of trustees

Should any changes occur they will not be implemented until the start of the next academic year. Parents/carers will be notified of these changes as soon as possible.

Contacting Swindon Music Service

Any comments should be sent in writing to Swindon Music Service, The Platform, Faringdon Road, Swindon SN5 5BJ or email:

1. The hire charges (as applicable) must be paid promptly upon receipt of the Instrument Hire Invoice. Children and young people may be able to apply for further periods of hire beyond the initial 12-months.  However, a hire agreement is not open-ended and will require a new contract at the end of each 12-month period.

2. All information requested on the “Hire Request Form” must be given.

4. Repairs may only be undertaken by the Repair Technician at the Platform unless written agreement from Swindon Music Service is given. See below for instrument return/collection details.

5. Instruments are hired to you in full working order. The replacement of items such as strings or reeds are your responsibility unless there is an obvious fault at the time of receiving the instrument.

6. Every care should be taken to protect the instrument against loss or damage. The hire charge does not cover this. In the event of loss or damage you will be required to compensate Swindon Music Service up to the replacement value of the instrument. It is your responsibility to insure against this, and if you do not, you could become liable for the cost of repair or replacement of the instrument. 

7. If, at any time, you no longer require the instrument it should be returned to The Platform, Faringdon Road, Swindon SN1 5BJ. See below for instrument return/collection details. A ‘Return Slip’ will be completed by the Swindon Music Service staff and a copy given to you as proof of return.

8. The instrument may not be transferred to any other person.

9. Please advise us immediately of any change of address or personal details.

10. If the instrument provided is exchanged either like for like, or for a different type of instrument (e.g. a clarinet is exchanged for a trumpet) then the above conditions still apply and any difference in replacement value should be observed

11.Failure to return the instrument by the termination date will see the refundable deposit being deducted.  If the instrument has not been returned within a 4-week window of the termination date, Swindon Music Service will start a CCJ claim against you to the full value of the instrument at the costs  shown in the instrument hire brochure.

It is usual as a part of our performance activities for still pictures and video footage to be taken of our performers in action. The pictures and video footage are used to provide copies to students and pupils and as part of our publicity and information activities. They are also used on our official Facebook page, Twitter account and on our website. All photographing and videoing falls within LEA guidelines for photographing students.

The participation of students in our activities is on the basis that permission has been granted by students and their parents for still pictures and video footage to be taken.