What is Needs Analysis?

Needs analysis is an element of designing (or reviewing) a curriculum. Its purpose is to establish key learning outcomes and requirements in the design and delivery of a course or learning activity.

How do we undertake our Needs Analysis? 


Music education hubs are required to undertake a regular (at least annual) local needs analysis and audit of music education provision across genres in their area in collaboration with the hub board, partners and schools. We use the needs analysis to ensure equality of opportunity and progression for all children, regardless of the school they attend, their background or personal circumstances – both in the context of ability to pay, as well as across the spectrum of special educational needs and impairments, looked after children, race and gender.

The leadership, management and governance and financial arrangements in our hub is also determined by local need.

What are the local needs?

The hub is responsible for conducting a local needs analysis across all children and state schools (including academies and free schools). The National Plan for Music Education requires hubs to conduct this at least annually. There may be further areas of need that the hub wishes to explore but hubs should at least consider to what extent their current provision of the core and extension roles meets the following areas of need:

How can I contribute to the Needs Analysis?

  • If you are a school please complete our data return here
  • If you are a parent or pupil, please complete the electronic form here
  • If you are a Hub Partner, a Music Organisation or a professional working in the field of Music Education please complete the electronic form here

What do you do with the information?

Drawing on the information we receive, along with other data collection process and further feedback from the Arts Council England, we complete our Needs Analysis template and use it to inform our Planning through the annual Business Plan.