Parents Guidance for online tuition

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Parent Guidance booklet

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Good Practice


  • Communications must be undertaken by parents/carers and not pupils on the parental devices.
  • Ensure that no private chats happen between your child and any tutor or that they  share images.
  • Do not allow your child to communicate with any tutor outside of the scheduled session.

Appropriate Language:

  • As with all communications, the content and language of messages must at all time be professional by all parties concerned.
  • The duration of the lessons should be kept to a reasonable length in order to allow the family to ‘get on’ with their day.

Suitable Teaching Environment:

  • Both pupils and tutors must be physically located in safe working spaces, appropriate for online lessons; a lounge or study is appropriate, a bedroom or bathroom is not.
  • Parents should ensure that their child is in a room with, or near, an adult and that the adult can hear and see the lesson taking place. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure that this happens.

Professional Standards:

  • Online classrooms must be regarded as an extension of the physical classroom and the safeguarding expectations that pertain to this, such as, professional communications, attire, and language.

Adult Supervision:

  • The tutor should confirm at the start of each lesson that an adult is in close proximity to the pupil with you.  If you cannot ensure that an adult is available at the pupil’s home, the lesson should not go ahead.

Professional Appearance:

  • Pupils and tutors should be dressed appropriately for remote teaching


  • Parents/carers should ensure tutors wear  badged lanyard at all times during the lesson.
  • Parents should check with Swindon Music Service that the tutor has an  up-to-date DBS check. SMS tutors are checked every three-years

Zoom’s dedicated Privacy Policy

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