Corporate Giving

There are many ways for local companies to support local children. But why pick Swindon Music Service?

We believe every child deserves the best start in life, with equal access to activities that build their confidence, abilities and passion. And music activities can do just that, but sadly, music is often viewed as ‘nice to have’, meaning it suffers from under funding. But with support from local companies we can make sure that money isn’t a barrier to children and young people accessing the powerful benefits of music making activities, whether it’s group and social sessions or individual instrumental/vocal tuition.

If your organisation cares about the following, then we might just be the charity for you…

  • Helping childrens’ development (in and around Swindon) for 21st century jobs (creative thinking and problem solving are vital skills for the workplace).
  • Helping disadvantaged children have equal access to the benefits of music education.
  • Helping to future proof arts and culture by investing in developing the passion for music and arts in children.
  • Supporting Covid recovery for children’s’ wellbeing and helping more access the healing powers of music.

How your organisation can support us.

There are a variety of ways you can support us:

  • Make a donation to our Vivace Campaign. Our Vivace Campaign aims to get as many children and young people as possible accessing lively music sessions, whether in group sessions or individual instrumental/vocal tuition. We quickly see children benefiting from improved ability and confidence and self-esteem. Vivace campaign
  • Sponsor a festival or a band. Being associated with a local charity for children and young people not only benefits us, but benefits you too, with your company name and logo getting into the hundreds of local homes.
  • Make us your charity of the year.
  • Donate prizes for us to raffle off at festivals and performances, helping us to raise vital funds to reach more children and young people with the benefits of music.

Please contact Peter Clark: to discuss how you’d like to support us.

Festival Sponsorship

Lead sponsor £2,000

Festival partner £300

Lead sponsor

As a lead sponsor of our festivals, you will receive the following for your donation:

  • ‘Voice Festival sponsored by <insert company name and logo’ on all of our festival promotional materials, including posters, emails, newsletters, performance programmes, Wyvern brochure.
  • Full page advert on the back page of the performance programme (2700 copies)
  • A pull up sponsorship banner all about you.  The poster will be  placed in the Wyvern for the duration of our 10 performances and to the Platform during the course of the year.
  • 6 corporate tickets

Festival partner

We also welcome support from ‘partners’ who will receive 2 corporate tickets to our performances and a ½ page advert in our performance programmes, which we anticipate printing and selling 2700 copies.