Swindon Champion Music School

As teachers you see first-hand the difference music can make to the whole child, not only their creativity, but confidence, self-esteem and problem solving skills. Music benefits their whole well-being and attainment. But funding can often be a challenge, especially when balanced against the ‘core’ subjects. We know the struggle, and that’s why we’ve created a variety of packages for your school.

Our schools package

There are four ways a school can partner with Swindon Music Service so that your pupils can develop their full potential through music:

  1. By joining the hub from as little as £61 per annum, which gives you key benefits, helping your music education grants go further.
  2. Through our golden ticket scheme. Our tutors will give out golden tickets to children. These are kindly funded through the generosity of our supporters via the Vivace Campaign.
  3. Schools music development grant. You can apply to be one of our 8 schools who can benefit from this scheme.
  4. Fundraising. We know that affordability can often be a problem for children and young people accessing the benefits of music. However, you could run your own fundraising activities to help those children you feel would benefit from music seeing them develop an existing talent.  By you providing a creative outlet, your students can develop their confidence and their personal and/or social development.

How does access to music services work through fundraising?

It’s easy! –  It costs just £11 for a 20-minute individual instrumental/vocal music lesson with one of our tutors. This could take place at school during the school day, at our music centre (the Platform) or online. And for every £11 you raise, we will match it from our Arts Council England Grant, effectively giving your pupils double access to the benefits of music (two for the price of one).

Here’s a few ideas for you.

  • Host a music making day – Every child brings in £1 to take part in a music making session. (maybe they can even dress up as their favourite musician).
  • Host a sponsored music-a-thon where the children generate sponsorship.
  • Hold an end of term school music concert with entrance fee proceeds helping your pupils to access more music tuition.
  • Develop a song writing and recording competition, with £1 entry and the winner getting a guaranteed tutor slot.
  • Hold a make a musical instrument activity  – with £1 entry get the children to make their own musical instrument and then test them out in a music making activity. Judge which instrument works the best and the winner getting a guaranteed tutor slot.
  • Or think of your own, whether it’s a sponsored activity or donation to enter, you can make it a creative and lively day your children will enjoy. And not only can you tie it into the curriculum, you can raise money from it too.

Music can help develop the whole child, and with the support from your PTA, parents and governors through fundraising, you can provide more of the benefits music can offer to more of your pupils. 

How to organise your day:

  • Choose a date
  • Choose your music making fundraising activity (talk to your School Music Outreach leader from the music service if needed)
  • Get the children excited and send out communications to parents
  • Recruit PTA or volunteers to help out if needed
  • Host your fundraising activity/day
  • Once you’ve raised your money, please contact: pclark@smscio.co.uk to discuss the match funding offer and how to deploy the scheme.

For any support on how to create your fundraising day email:  lhawkins@smscio.co.uk