Royal Wootton Bassett Arts Festival

SYM wins two trophies

The SYM Ukulele group won the 1st prize for :Class G30 – Ukulele Ensemble Secondary School Age.

Adjudicator’s Remarks:

A great sound and vocalist.  I would love to see if you could start experimenting with the strumming patterns to really give us a slightly difference twist.  Excellent crescendo getting towards the end of the song which was really effective. Well played.  Mark 87 Category: Distinction

The SYM Brass Ensemble won the 1st prize for: Class E2 – Ensembles Secondary School Age.

Adjudicator’s Remarks:

James Bond

An effective opening and there was some particularly impressive work from the 2 young 1st trumpeters.  The ensemble worked well here with good balance and the intonation was mostly secure and you conveyed the character of the music with some conviction.

Hall of the Mountain King

Be careful of your tuning on the 1st note!  Again good ensemble work with some excellent support from the young drummer and you managed the gradual accelerando well and built well into the exciting finish.  A most impressive group – well played!  Mark 88 Category: Distinction

1st Dec 2022